Saturday, 7 April 2012

jesus promised kebabs

After a lovely quiet Good Friday lunch out in 'Birdwood' yesterday I came home all dozy and slow..... and to the shocking realisation that I had miscalculated and in fact I have one less week than I thought to make a wedding dress and get everything ready for Finders Keepers. As you can imagine I mentally ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, I could feel my brain ping-ponging about in my skull. Serious mess up there. The main problem being how the hell I am going to fit in two days run up country to pick up stock.
Anyway, first things first, I need to get through a shop Saturday and then I can sit and plan an attack. I have a habit of taking way too much stock to the market so perhaps this time less will be more!
I did a very crappy window display last night featuring the new run of digital print tapestry cushions. I've changed the make on them and now we have, instead of piping and linen back, beautiful German cotton velvet on the reverse, they are pretty lush and some will still be done with our lovely Swedish raw linen as well. This is only the first batch, there is a total of 35 designs at the moment with more on the way.  About two fifths of the range in, I ran out of zips on Thursday afternoon- see I can't help myself, more is never enough.
Anyway, shop is open today, please drop by. We have more of the little ceramic rabbits/hares in, so forego the chocolate and grab one, we have little boxes for them to go in and they are really rather lovely. Also a new shipment of pianola shades has just come in, all sizes and now that the nights are drawing in it's time to light up the house. Perhaps I need to do a window display full of vintage lampbases and shades, maybe next month.
I do love Easter, it's so much more relaxed than Xmas. I love that Haigh's Chocolates have to hire security men for the Block Arcade store, it amuses me greatly. I think a long lie in tomorrow might be on the cards.


  1. Heading in to see you soon lovely - in my pyjamas currently!

  2. Egads those cushions are delectable... And is that a crocheted blankie hanging in the background? Beautiful!

  3. Egad! Those cushions are delectable! And is that a crocheted blankie hanging in the background? Beautiful...

  4. The cushions are to die for!! Happy autumn miss pen pen. And as soon as Jesus has risen we shall have kebabs. Kebabs for all!


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