Tuesday, 17 April 2012

we all went to a 'wetting'

... and what a lovely 'wetting' it was.
The three and three quarter boy named it 'the wetting' so 'the wetting' it was. There was a bit of a near incident with a fountain but no rain and nothing spilt so all went well.
We all made ourselves sick at the Windsor and couldn't finish our hight tea which was a bit pathetic of us really. Remember if you do the high tea to take a Tupperware container just in case you need to slip a few petit fours in your bag. Mind you it could have been the celebration chocolate mousse cake that tipped us over the edge. I do love a finger sandwich.
And look! Miniature jelly lamingtons! For that alone I was in heaven, you know how much I love a jelly lamington!
So today is back to normal.
No weddings to break up my drudgery.
I have a great deal of work to do, a pile of stuff to make, damnation, Finders Keepers starts on Friday!
And we have a school group coming through the shop this morning to cap it all off.
Jethro is still asleep in bed the lazy little kitty. How jealous am I?


  1. The Windsor arvo tea! I have never seen people eating so much!

  2. Ha. You reminded me of years back when I went with some friends, one of whom filled her handbag with a good assortment of cakes. The waiters must have thought we were VERY hungry. Not that she wanted them for herself, they were for her kiddos at home.


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