Thursday, 26 April 2012

bumbling about

Where has my day gone?
Ok, I slept in a tad, pressed and tagged gloves, met up with Sally from Lulu who came to pick up some glove stock, went to Brunswick to see the Group Work show at Mr Kitly, dropped in to Mediterranean Wholesalers  for fresh ricotta to make a cassata cake for the Marriage Festival party on the weekend, had three appointments moved around on me, booked in other appointments to experiment with some new printing ideas, drank tea, stared at my new handmade boots, sneezed a bit, tickled Jethro........ and now it is 3.30 and I have achieved very little in reality.
I have little to report except we a new batch if glove colours in. I'm aiming for 60 colours this year. I need a little project to keep me motivated! Of course we are nowhere near the 60 yet.
Now I need to go do some photos of those damn gloves before the light fades.


  1. ugh, I have emailed, blogged, emailed, more fixing of blog stuff, pop in at parents-in-law for bucket of tea, shop at organic grocers, tickled gemma and hugo, more email and blog...still yet to get to my crochet today, but I am glad to see my lettuce favicon pop up in your blog list!

  2. Hello, nay LOVE the boots!

    Sarah -x-


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