Saturday, 28 April 2012

sock saturday!

We've been waiting ages for these beauties (my fault, waiting because I couldn't decide which colours to order) and the first box arrived yesterday afternoon. Mucho excitemento at the Cottage! So here are the first three designs, reindeers, argyle and over the knee diamond, made from beautiful wool, cashmere, angora and a bit of strengthening nylon.

The reindeer are so soft and snuggly and I am planning an evening in them with my Mongolian felt slippers very soon. It should have been last night but instead I had to motor to the arse end of Fisherman's Bend to pick up 110kg of angora yarn that Toll Couriers failed to deliver (they delivered 2 boxes yesterday afternoon), actually let's get this right, they LOST the boxes. Yep, their words 'we have lost the shipment', so then at 7.30 last night when they 'found' the boxes they then told me that they 'could not guarantee delivery'. WTF?! 
Apparently courier businesses don't actually have to deliver what they are paid to deliver. 
I am thinking of starting a delivery business called 'Fast and Lose' (play on words). We will take the package and the delivery charge and then just misplace the package, when people complain we can just say that we 'can't guarantee delivery'. Simple. We should make a killing.

Well I didn't get much achieved this week. A bit of dyeing, a few wheat bags stitched up and 3 wholesale orders picked up. Next week I must get into the studio, no excuses, and  get a humongous pile of work done. First I must deliver the boxes of angora to my knitters, go visit the girls at Frankie and Swiss, get the cushion insert delivery carted up to the studio, order some fabric, pick up purse frames (we've almost sold out of our new 'tapestry' print purses) and then settle in for a sewing fest. Oh, I need to make clocks too, there are 4 empty nails on the clock wall in the shop and no stock in the cupboard!

Oh dear! Look at the time! I better dash!
I'm shopgirl today, first time in three weeks, I'll probably be out of practice, be gentle on me!


  1. ...reindeers are king!
    That's all I have to say about that!

    Sarah -x-

  2. very very Noice. I love an argyle sock.


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