Wednesday, 11 April 2012

it all came crashing down.....

I know how Humpty feels.
It was a hard day yesterday and not hugely productive, would have been better if my brain actually worked.
Perhaps I had a slight case of 'holiday hangover' and a touch of the 'go slow procrastinations'. I have no excuse for procrastinating and not putting my nose to the grindstone- I have two huge deadlines to meet at the start and end of next week and I need to pull my finger out, crank it up and get moving.
OK. Today I will make phone calls, sort out the final pattern adjustments for Jen's dress, buy the lining and zip and get sewing. I will also cut out some more stock, sew up some more stock and finish some more stock. If I don't get a few bits and pieces finished by the end of the day you can berate me sternly, that will be something to look forward to!
Time to get dressed and out of the house.

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