Monday, 16 April 2012

hi ho

Hello people! Sorry I've been missing in action but there have been road trips and strained backs, unpacking and panic attacks (just kidding). You may have got a bit suspicious when there was no Saturday morning post and even more suspicious if you came into the shop to find Dell in my usual Saturday place behind the counter.
I had to fit in a trip up to see our Northern Queens of Craft before Finders Keepers and before The Wedding. My Op-Shopping Compadre is being made an honest woman this morning- hence last week's wedding dress hullabaloo (wedding dress fabric below, printed linen)- and I will be hanging at the Registry Office and partaking of a high tea at the Windsor Hotel before finally getting my head and arse in gear for FK which opens this Friday evening.
I have a ridiculous amount to do and pack before we bump it all in on Friday afternoon. I hope my back holds out, I managed on Thursday evening to reach out to pick something up off the stairs and strain my diaphragm right in the section where all the rib breaks happened in the bike accident. One of those weird little movements that seems to do more harm than you would think possible. Breathing and moving were a little (!) painful for a few days there and I thought 'that's the end of my opera career'. Apart from a few twinges it seems to have come good though.
I picked up some amazing work from our star crocheter Ann, we have large Afghan throws that she has made extra big for us and a clutch of her fabulous tea cosies, some of these pieces won awards at country shows! Our friend Marnie has also made some crochet hats and she'll hopefully be sending down some Miss Mousie toys soon. And Kerry knitted up a storm and now we have buckets of hedgehogs and bees and mice again. They won't all be in the shop today as it'll take me a little while to unpack them all.
I better dash I have a mass of things to do before I throw on my glad-rags and head off to the Wedding.
The shop is a mess.


  1. I got married at the registry office too!
    Loved it!
    and I bet you won't eat dinner after tea at the Windsor.

  2. WOW that crochet work is amazeballs! I'm sure it wins wheelbarrow loads of ribbons... An inspiration, truly.


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