Monday, 9 April 2012

of eggs and feline antics

I've been a little obsessed with Heston Blumenthal's egg cooking methods this weekend, well, Easter and eggs go hand-in-hand don't they? It's been a bit of food weekend starting with lunch at Casa Birdwood on Friday, lamb tagine dinner at Chez Westgarth last night, egg experiments dotted in between and a bit of cake bakery (Italian almond, chocolate and sultana torte and Evan's ye olde appley cake).  I was also spoilt with eggs of the chocolate variety from some luv-er-ly people and a delivery of pavlova too (this afternoon's treat I think).
The phone has been ringing off its stand all day but I am purposefully avoiding it. The shop isn't open and I can't even go in to do chores I had planned in case people start battering the door down. I know there are shops open all over town but sometimes we retailers need a bit of peace and quiet. I love our longer shopping hours at the same time as hating the mentality of 'open all hours'. We don't work on the same timetable here as the big department stores and if we did we would probably be as nasty and grumpy as they are.
I'm also dealing with a furry housemate who has decided to be a complete and utter prat for the last four days and will have the spray bottle turned on him soon if he continues with some of his bratty-brat-brat antics. I think it is his cool weather flourish before settling down to a Winter hibernation. It damn well better be over soon. The photo below was taken before he put is crazy pants on the other day. Even though it has been a quiet weekend I am now tired and grumpy from interrupted sleep, not how I planned a restful Easter weekend.

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