Saturday, 3 March 2012

a week has seven days*

What a weird week, definitely glad that is over red rover. Yes, I know a week is just a way for counting out seven days but these past seven have totally done my head in.  Goodbye messy week, hello Autumn and March and a rainy weekend- and apologies to anyone wishing the rain would go away in our poor flooded bits of Australia.
It's just the Cottage and cool weather seem to fit so well together. The shop glows and is so invite when it is a little cold and dismal and really we are all about cuddling up on the couch with a good book around here. 'Nesting' they call it. Although the week was so incredibly disjointed I did manage to slot a couple of hour in here and there to get cushions made (if I see another freakin' invisible zip....). We are now being crushed under an avalanche, drowned in a tsunami, overwhelmed by a plump of cushions. It's quite funny when customers try to look at the Welsh blanket cushions, they end up everywhere (the cushions and the customers). Explosion in a cushion factory! The upshot of my cushion making mania is that we have a fabulous selection in at the moment.
Now I need to get my arse in gear and start working on all the other stuff we need done!

Not having a properly functioning computer/internet access this week means I didn't get to remind you all about things that were on, like the launch of NC4 last night or that Nikki's in town having a sample sale. Sorry people. It was out of my control.
Anyway if you are around today and would like to peruse a rather large selection of cushions or purchase a satchel or three I will be in theCottage pretending to be shopgirl. Better run, I've got a shop to vacuum and a cat to wrangle.

* Are you old enough to remember 'This week has seven days'? It was a huge favourite it my family.... we really were a bunch of nerds.

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  1. The very idea of an avalanche of Welsh blanket cushions sends me to a very happy place!!! Oh Pen - you must put Petersham on your bucket list! Raining here too after a sublimely lovely week of Spring sunshine...c'est la vie,

    Sarah -x-x-x-


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