Thursday, 8 March 2012

grump, grumpier, grumpiest

Actually I'm not that grumpy, which is quite surprising the last two weeks we've had at the Cottage, but I do feel that I should have the right to be wearing the expressions these two koalas are sporting.
We've had power blackouts and computer damage, telephone lines down (no phone, no internet), a customer who managed to pick up the off-line voucher for her purchase and won't take our calls about payment, we've had customers trying to return satchels they have used because they have changed their minds about the size (even though we went through all the pros and cons of size and function), another customer who's driving us mad (which is all very sad as we love our customers normally!) and then this morning some sh*t-head broke into my car and stole a box of storage tins that I had just picked up yesterday to develop a couple of new product lines in and had forgotten to lug into the shop last night. Jokes on him, bet he was disappointed when he opened the box to find smaller boxes full of tins and each of those tines contained another two tins....... you really have to laugh in a case like this. Hope it really messed with his head. Looks like the druggies of around here will be sporting nifty new stash boxes. If anyone gets offered a box of tins by some dodgy character or finds a dumped cardboard box in the back lanes of Fitzroy can they let me know?
I'm starting to wonder if I should take this last few weeks personally.
I didn't think I was that bad a person.


  1. oh darl, NOT GOOD.
    Can you project your mind forward to Sunday, make sure you have edible treats and a big fat book and spend the day in bed!

  2. Grrr to all that. What a hideous serious of unfortunate events. The tin thief - well a pox on him (or her). Love to you dear grumpy pen


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