Monday, 12 March 2012

8 hours work, 8 hours play, 8 hours rest

Really this is what a long weekend should be all about, restful contemplation.
Sadly the washing and vacuuming and cleaning seems to have taken over a bit.
I'm trying to get upstairs sorted for a small photo shoot this week but the mess has me a little overwhelmed. I wish I could stretch out the big room just a bit so I could fit all the detritus of my life in. Books and magazines piled up, boxes filling up, heaps and heaps of paper work to be filed and me in the middle looking flummoxed.
Jethro helped me string up some wires out in the 'backyard' and now we have the start of a jasmine 'roof', it's rather nice. The jasmines seem to like the micro-climate out there and I'm hoping there will be lots of flowers this year.
I have read a book, drunk some tea, cooked some food, made messes in the process of cleaning, been for a walk, done a pile of washing. Just your usual long weekend.

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