Monday, 26 March 2012

a gradual woolification

A Sunday sleep in (to make up for the lost sleep last week), a walk into the city which was pumping due to the City Romp (a treasure hunt/ramble thingy), undie shopping, a visit to Breadtop to check out the puppy shaped cakes (the poster says 'adopt a puppy'.... then take it home and eat it....) and then home for newspapers and tea sitting at my spankingly clean big wooden table.
Then I had promised myself I would get the start of the woolifying of the Cottage underway. This year I've ordered in a range of Slade knits, yes, real old skool Slade pure new wool cardis and sweaters (crew and v-neck) and some lovely hand beaded jet black cardigans. It was looking like Slade was going to slide into oblivion but they have been taken over by a really lovely company who are backing it all the way and slowly re-vamping it, not in a bad way but in a good caring way- like doing beaded cardis! The prices are ridiculously good for a fully fashioned pure new wool garment and I love their classic good looks. There is a coral in the crew necked sweater that I love but I have huge bazookas and can't wear that style, it is so annoying! I have put aside a beaded cardi for me though.


  1. bazookas is an EXCELLENT word. I look forward to some slade cardigan action as it has quickly turned chilly!

  2. I loooove Slade knitwear - have bought it all from DJs previously...

  3. Oh happiest happiest ever ever Cottage of Birthdays!!! Good Golly I am very behind the times, I shall bake a cake in Cornwall and we shall have a Cottage Industry birthday party in your honour ~ there are some lovely girls down there who run a small emporium called the Lyre Bird which is choc full of Welshness and crochet and re~purposed items of joy - you should like it very much and I am going to insist they have some cake too!!!!
    One day you should come and see for yourself Pen!

    Love Sarah -x-x-x-


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