Saturday, 10 March 2012

yo there mohair!

The first hot water bottle covers of 2012, Winter must be on its way. 
A rainbow of mohair-y goodness, all the fabric woven in Australia (Tasmania or here in ol' Melbourne Town), they remind me of the 1950 and 1960s fluffy jumpers and scarves we were sometimes lucky enough to score at the op shop back in our student days. Little mohair sweaters for hot water bottles.
So it's Saturday again and what a weird and not wonderful week it has been. I've been robbed and annoyed and energy-less, I've been harassed and frustrated and getting into the studio felt strange and unfocused. I did get some work done, the HWB covers and some new vintage linen cushions, one pair in very pretty posy design in purples and raspberries reds and another in a heavyweight 1930s shiny rayon/cotton (ok, not linen but the reverse is).
I need to get treadling on the spinning wheel, we have only two hanks of handspun left, there I was thinking I had a head start on the cool season knitting. I've got another hank to weigh and measure and I'll pop that out today. It's almost time for me to pull out all our Winter beanies and this weekend I start dyeing gloves again, I'm a bit late this year, the humidity of February and then the raininess of March has thrown me a bit and now I feel like I am running behind. I probably say that every year!
It's a long weekend here (8 hours work, 8 hours play, 8 hours rest- except if you are self-employed) but I need to give the place a good clean and sort, plan some dye recipes, do the washing, create order from chaos. Just the usual Labour Day weekend. Labour Day this year falls pretty close (one day out) to the anniversary of that Labour Day morning I went out for a bike ride and didn't come home for a month or more, when I smashed my body into a taxi. I'm wondering whether my aches and pains over the last few weeks are trying to remind me about cause-and-effect, before-and-after, another life. Or perhaps that I really shouldn't lug 15 boxes of damned satchels around. 
Better dash. Things to do before the door swings open at 11am. 

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  1. Hey there was someone selling tins in the village Hall market don't think?, it couldn't be... I didn't carry out a citizens arrest, as I am a wuss!
    The mohair colours are really gorgeous Pen, there is a company here called jigsaw who have a line of cashmere cardis in all your colours - you would like, but not the price - ouch! you can see the colours here

    Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday,

    Sarah -x-


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