Tuesday, 27 March 2012

queen of all she surveys

I've had a curious week or so having to get up and talk in front of groups of people. Last week it was the panel discussion and today was a guest lecture at R.M.I.T. talking about my design practice and sustainability. I tend to wing these things, I find if I plan them I get absolutely lost. I just wish I had a good set of images, my photos were all over the place and then I forgot to show a whole pile. Oh well. After two and half years of teaching first year fashion design students I have got over most of my public speaking shyness (which amazes me no end!).
As a treat I dropped into Metropolis Books to see the latest treasures that Molly always tempts me with. I ran into on the stairs and she told me I was to tell Dan to show me the Alexander Girard book in the Special Cabinet. Molly is an evil book pusher ('evil' as in fabulous) and of course I then had to weigh up paying a bill or putting the book on lay-by.... lay-by won this time and I am itching to pay this beauty off and regale you with amusing quotes from this massive tome. It's the size of a coffee table! I really need to find a way of funding my book addiction.
I got home then headed out again to pick up my auction purchases. I just had to bid on this gem! I seem to have a bit of a QE11 collection here. I'm still working out how I can convince a friend of mine to 'loan' me a fabulous framed photo of Her Maj he found in a dumpster. Perhaps I should plan something for the Queen's Birthday holiday, a crazed window display maybe. I think this plaque came out of a pub, it's painted plaster and about 65 cm high with lights inset into the tudor roses. It's hilarious and I really must rewire it and get it lit up. There is a big crown on the top of it. I love it!
Tomorrow is studio.
Thursday is the end of the giveaway! Quick sticks!

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