Saturday, 30 April 2011


I've woken up this morning feeling like I have a hangover from attending The Wedding.
And what a wedding it was. Really for something so big it had a really quite lovely simple feel about it.
The Dress was beautiful and The Bouquet and The Veil just the right size. I loved the hedgerow-y flowers behind the altar and The Horses were fabulous! (Lurve the horseys.)
And 'Jerusalem'..... oh my! It is just so amazing when a whole church belts it out- I was screaming '.... and again! One, two, three.... Did these f-e-e-t in ancient times.....'.

And in answer to the queries as to why I hate weddings, well I spent 10 years of my working life designing and making wedding dresses (and Bat Mitzvah dresses interestingly) and I have had any form of wedding spirit totally knocked out of me. I'll never forget a 25 stone bride accosting a friend of mine, who made her dress, because my friend hadn't made her look thin enough. Every bride a princess for a day. Probably the nicest wedding I've been to was a bring-a-plate affair at a borrowed garden in Healesville with lamb on the spit and the world's shortest wedding vows. Simple.

Anyway today's another Saturday and I better get the shop sorted and spruced. We have a huge batch of new tea towel cushions ready (including the Charles and Diana one in the picture and there is also one from Anne and Mark's wedding- both ending in divorce....) and I need to get them all displayed on the bunk.

Also before I forget the Cottage won't be open this Tuesday, sorry about that but the new front windows are finally being installed! I'll be around if you are desperate to buy something but the shop is going to be a bit difficult to navigate as I have to drag everything out of the front window. It will be sad to see the lower lattice windows go but it has been a total bugger to display in and hopefully this means we will no longer have windows that leak or threaten to cave in if people lean on them. And a new door too, which means I need to get on to our new shop signage as well. That bit is exciting.

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  1. ha ha - I have just decided to mark myself as a handmade/vintage wedding dress maker today - perhaps I should rethink...


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