Monday, 11 April 2011

achievements lacking

Things achieved this weekend (Sunday)....
1. Buckets of tea consumed.
2. Newspapers browsed.
3. Books read.
4. Watching Jethro sleep.
5. Listen to the rain fall.
6. Feel good that Winter is on its way.

Things not achieved this weekend....
1. Vacuuming.
2. Glove dyeing.
3. Changing front window display.
4. Washing clothes.
4a. Putting last five lots of washing away.
4c. Washing the dishes.
4d Putting last lot of dishes away
5. General house cleaning.
6. Clocks made.
7. Putting the cover back on the couch.
8. Photographing gloves.
9. Answering emails.
10. Putting the rubbish out.
11. Sorting out the shop store cupboards.
12. Making up glove colour charts.
13. Picking up everything on the stairs.

And now it is Monday.
(And why can't I ever find any socks in this place?? Where do they all go??)


  1. this looks alarmingly like a list! Pen what's happened to you? Glad you got some downtime tho, and isn't this chill promising?

  2. Ah...procrastination, can relate so well........


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