Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I love you but I need some space.....
Just kiddin'.
I'm off for a country jaunt to meet up with Our Ladies of Perpetual Craft and possibly visit a few op shops along the way.
I have to say things have been very frustrating this year and an Autumn drive will be great. My compadré of craft will be riding shotgun which means that there maybe a few disagreements and a bit of thrift jealousy en route.
I better get the kettle on and the thermos filled and I have a pile of tapestries in the back of the hatchback that need to be dumped at the studio. The Nissan Pulsar now has roof racks(!) and looks exceedingly sporty (pimp my ride indeedy), this of course might lead to larger amounts of crap infiltrating my life.
We areI am having a late start today after de Clieu's famous 'egg and bacon' brekky with Miss Beck but I better hit the road. I'll report on my return!


  1. Have a great time! Hope the op-shop gods smile on you. I found an amazing treasure last week in a pile of tablecloths in the church op-shop...will send it to you... if you can't use it, I know you will know someone who can!

  2. Happy Road trip, are you Thelma or Louise?

    (In the spirit of Ride Pimping what about tapestry car seat covers?)

    Sarah x


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