Friday, 8 April 2011

my little helper

(Please excuse the gratuitous Jethro photo but he spent most of the day helping me dye gloves. Normally a weekday for this kitty means a huge daytime nap. Not today though, he has added 'dyehouse assistant' to his job description. When not keeping an eye on me from the thunderbox outside, he sat on the washing machine, in the trough, had a nap in the dryer, lay on the stainless steel bench squashed between the window and the heat press, climbed into the storage boxes, lay on the floor right in the middle of the kitchen..... such a fabulous little helper....)
After spending the day dyeing I've spent this evening trimming and pressing gloves, tomorrow I'll finish tagging them and pack them away in their storage boxes. I've put out the new colours in the shop display baskets and I'm starting to feel happier about the way the colours are coming together. There seems to be a few too many blues and greens but range looks so pretty at the moment.  I've dyed up a batch of the extra strength turquoise which we haven't had for ages and there are new reds and a really lovely rose pink. I'll have to re-do the window display on Sunday and hang the gloves as we do each Winter tumbling down from the ceiling. I also need to get around to photographing them all so that I can start the on-line shop up again.
I seem to be surrounded by a riot of colour at the moment- the new blanket quilts, woollen jumpers and cardis, the Welsh blanket cushions, the crocheted cushions and baskets and bowls of angora gloves. Looks like Winter is going to be very bright this year.

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