Saturday, 16 April 2011

ersatz country towns and zombie koalas

Sometimes living in Fitzroy is like living in a country town. Perhaps it is just the age of the buildings in old Newtown/Fitzroy and how the architecture is so much that of so many of our best country towns. Then you get places like the old Fitzroy Football Ground, cricket in Summer, football in Winter, a friend's wedding in the Grandstand, the little grassy knoll over to the side and the pin oaks changing colour. And what's a country town without an old skool oval?
I'll stop waxing lyrical now, it's just Autumn does this to me, it's the light you know.

The big order of cushion inserts came in but I seemed to work very slow yesterday and only managed to get a pile of new vintage Welsh blanket cushions done, we've got a new batch of colours, black with coral and yellow and pink with blue and yellow and I've made up more of the ecru with orange.
I've had a collection of 'koala bear' tea-towels that I have been saving for over 5 years now. All the same design but in different colourways and I finally made them up yesterday. On mass they are seriously strange, like an army of koala zombies out to kill and the colour combos are fabulous. Not sure if I want to sell them...... such a great design...... damn, maybe I should have stitched them up into a curtain, although that really would have been nightmare inducing.


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