Saturday, 9 April 2011

newspapers and kitchen tables

I can't believe how sore my shoulders are from lugging dyepots around. Stiff and sore.
The breeze has picked up and there are clouds coming in so maybe the cool change is coming in a little early.
17ÂșC forecast tomorrow so I am blatantly plugging angora fingerless gloves, fine wool jumpers and cushions and quilts to snuggle up to and under.
I need a project to keep my hands busy in the shop today. I can't decide what to do, perhaps I'll just crochet cords for our necklaces. I normally like to get in a smidge of newspaper reading in the late afternoon but last week the papers sat unread. I am one of those types that has to read Saturday's newspapers on a Saturday, I get confused otherwise. Back in the days when I had leisurely Saturdays I loved sitting at the table in my old kitchen, reading the papers, drinking buckets of tea and fielding visits from friends. The kitchen here is the size of a shoebox (one day I will have a big kitchen again) and although the old kitchen table is upstairs in the big room it is always piled so high with work there is never a clear space to spread the papers out (one day I will have a clean table).
Better scoot and get the shop ready.

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