Wednesday, 6 April 2011

compare the pear

My middle name is 'Procrastination'.
One of the fluorescent lights in the studio has been dying for about 3 months, I thought I would see how long it took to die, gradually that section of the studio has got darker and darker. I've been feeling a distinct loathing for being in the studio lately and this morning I wondered if it may have had something to do with this creeping darkness. Then I started to think perhaps my own creeping darkness was the reason for me not replacing the light tube. So I went to the supermarket, bought the new tube for $4, climbed to the top of the ladder and replaced the damn thing. That section of the studio is now covered in a  glaring retina burning  glow and strangely I feel a little better about the studio.
Being a creative soul means that when I not making work I feel quite out of sorts and when I am out of sorts I find it very difficult to positively, productively creative. Today I tried to work through this, to 'break through the pain barrier' if you like sporting metaphors. I made a huge batch of our hottie wheat bags, pressed up new afghan scarves, prepped denim for cushion backs and Dell helped me put out the new batch of pure wool cardis and sweaters. I tried to get my head into a better state, to feel a bit less like procrastinating.
Whilst procrastination can be conjured up at any time I am seriously prone to it in April. That long Autumn light triggering memories of getting out of hospital after a month full of tubes and drips and how incredibly blue the sky was, how amazing the sunlight, that year is far away but memories are always close. Now I try to fill Autumn up with the best of the harvest, Fuji apples from Harcourt, Beurre Bosc pears and getting ready for Winter.

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  1. I have definately got some good tips about how to beat the procastination bug which I will get around to sharing with you shortly, in a moment, after a while..... In the meantime I suggest a rigorous diet of Autumn fruits steeped in various lovely cognacs etc. MMMMMMMM yum!

    Sarah x

    ps. you sound a very busy procastinator are you sure you're not faking it?


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