Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I'm sitting here in the semi-dark listening to the rain bucket down.
My type of weather!
Makes me think of angora fingerless gloves, wool socks, handknitted beanies, fine wool jumpers and snuggling in a Baden Powell poncho by a roaring bonfire. (Hee hee. All available from the Cottage right now!)
All of which makes the stuff I'm working on at the moment not quite in the right season. Well it hopefully will be when it all comes together but at the moment the fabric I am sampling in makes it not quite right but I have plans- and a lot of work to do.
Once again I managed to not get the window display done, I must do it tonight.  I really need to turn the damn TV off in the evenings, somehow it hypnotically lures me to park my arse on the couch and if I don't have a handwork project planned a sink-hole of time occurs and there goes a pile of wasted hours.
I've drunk my tea and it's time to get out of the pyjamas and into some studio clothes. Work to do!


  1. Yes! Woolly socks, turtleneck, cowl neck cardi, I am happy!

  2. Thanks for making me smile :-) I too should turn off the TV and stop parking my arse on the couch...and I don't even bother with a crafty project to assuage the guilt!! ;-)

  3. I moved to Melbourne from the Sunshine Coast last November...brrr I need to stock up on jumpers and get myself off the couch too! A run around the block to warm up would be a productive idea for me to think about! hehe
    Thanks for making me smile...love the humour! :-)


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