Wednesday, 13 April 2011

come snuggle

Our wintery blast deserved a window display change. The gloves are suspended, a blankie quilt is hanging and piles of Welsh blanket and crochet afghan cushions are perched percariously on the turquoise bench.
Time to snuggle!
I had chicken stew with fluffy dumplings for dinner last night and have had a breakfast experiment of barley porridge this morning. I'm ready to face Autumn and Winter now!
I'm working in the shop today as Dell is off teaching animation to the youngsters at Artplay and Anna has a Masters lecture to attend. As the studio and I am not having a good relationship at the moment I'm not so fazed about being shopgirl. I've been working hard when I have been at the studio but find myself drifting off almost not thinking as I cut patterns and feeling crowded and closed in. Of course this might just be due to the excruciating muscle knot centred around my left shoulder blade..... problem is it is spreading across both my shoulders now.....
I am trying to decide which projects to do today. The colour chart for the gloves would probably be most important, I have a customer in Sydney who is about to lose it if I don't get it through to her quick smart.
And a bit of spinning might be fun, although as I haven't managed to clean all the crap off the stairs it could be a bit dangerous lugging the wheel downstairs.

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