Sunday, 24 April 2011

easter sunday

A lovely Easter Sunday- snoozing, tea drinking, newspaper flipping, a cat chasing mini eggs across the floor and an appointment to see some vintage fabrics.
Everyone I know seems to be having a rejuvenating Easter this year. I can't say the first half of this year has been the greatest but I am feeling that things might just be getting better. I think I enjoyed today knowing that whilst I have work to do over the next two days I can also fit in a bit of nothing time too.
Look at the lovely Easter present I was given from Birdie and Fox, the box has the cutest illustration by Elise Hurst on it of Miss Rabbit drinking hot chocolate upstairs at the Koko Black Royal Arcade store, sadly it now contains fewer chocolates.
The paper today had an article about how much exercise it takes to work off a Lindt bunny- stupid party poopers, I know it's not good for me but how about just enjoying it?? Although I might be reaching the point where if I see another piece of chocolate my head might explode.


  1. Happy Easter. You know you're a grown-up when you blanch at the thought of MORE chocolate. Kids just keep going until an adult says stop or they throw up.

  2. Happy Easter! I have had enough chocolate, but will probably still finish the chick's bum.

  3. Gosh I get sick of the food police.
    Hope they choke on their quinoa and goji juice.


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