Thursday, 7 April 2011


I was a good girl today. I sat at my sewing machine and stitched. I made a new batch of '4 Square' crocheted cushions and I made stripey crochet cushions.

Then I got out some new-old-vintage Welsh blankets and made some new cushions. Welsh blankets always make me happy.

The last part of the day was spent drafting a couple of new pattern adaptions. See, I'm so much happier when I'm creating. Of course when I think of all the other jobs I need to do I feel a little week at the knees. It's a balancing act, walking the fine line of overwhelming workloads. Tomorrow it will be me and the dyepots, lots of gloves to boil up.
I need a good night's sleep though. The furry housemate is still on Daylight Saving Time and spends an hour and a half every morning playing on the bed, under the bed, around the bed and making little 'memmm' noises as he plays. His latest trick is walking along the metal bedhead and looking down on me then sitting amongst of piles of books on the bedside table and slowly pushing them onto the floor. I'd really like that extra hour of sleep.....

(Sarah Jane! I have your winnings from the doily tape competition here- should I mail the package or wait for the Other Penelope to drop by? Let me know lovely lady!)

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  1. Shady pushes my reading glasses off flat surfaces. I think he believes they are alive/eyes or something!


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