Sunday, 3 April 2011

pea and potato

I like the Sunday when Daylight Savings finishes. That extra hour just begs to be wasted. I didn't get to sleep in as my furry housemate decided to use this morning for hyper-energy hi-jinks. I did get to lounge in bed with tea and devoured a whole book in a morning. There is really so much to do around here (cleaning, sorting, dyeing) but really who can be bothered? This afternoon I did roll the old rug up and unrolled the Axminster, much to Jethro's excitement, and stripped the cover and quilt off the couch and gave them a good wash. There is boxes of stuff everywhere now, nothing put away but I have yummy mash and peas in my tummy (single girl's empty fridge Autumn dinner) and have kept my hands busy with a bit of crochet. Bed soon and a day in the studio tomorrow.


  1. LOL yes I loved that extra hour too! I was about to get ready to go out to my daughter's and then realized about the extra time...yes!...more sitting in my jamas and more cups of tea!...Heaven! :-)


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