Friday, 15 April 2011

the wanders

I had to go to Williamstown yesterday to pick up something and ended up in a café in Yarraville watching blonde haired children being fed macaroons by their trim blonde mothers. I ate an average croqué monsieur, drove to North Melbourne bought a roof rack for the Pulsar hatchback, visit Brett at the Junk Company and then forced myself to go to the studio. After an hour of not getting much achieved I got back in the car and drove to Doncaster to pick something else up. I got home (someone was parked in my spot) chatted to Anna for a minute and then walked into the city. On the way I got accosted by a beggarman who asked me for a cigarette, when I said I didn't have one he followed me down the street abusing me and sarcastically saying 'sorry, sorry', then asked for money.
I dropped in to the Sportsgirl store on Bourke Street to see the 'make do and mend' display they had up. I don't know how I feel about this.... well actually I think it is quite  (un)funny that a store that encourages spending by the under 18s is using a promo advocating not spending and repairing and re-making. I'm not totally sure they have quite got the point! And I'm not totally convinced their garment would last long enough to be worth repairing. Also it annoyed me they had technique confusion with a crochet afghan suspended from giant knitting needles.....
I did visit my friend Lisa Lang, joint Vogel award winner, SMH nominee, NSW Premier's Award nominee and.... Cosmo FFF nominee (heeheeheeeee , this one makes me laugh and has resulted in many very stupid late night text messages with Lisa) but otherwise a supremely annoying day. A bad case of the Wanders, I really should have got in the car and gone for a autumnal country drive.  It wasn't that I was in a snarky mood at all, just very off kilter things just seemed to spin about me all day. It's probably my bung shoulders and back making me prone to strange occurrences. I'm off to the studio now to await a massive cushion insert delivery and if I am really lucky I might even get some work done.

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  1. I always think macarons look so much fancier than they taste!


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