Thursday, 21 April 2011

it's going to be a good friday

Back in the 'hood, April blue skies over the chimney pots.
I was so very tired today, a mixture of two days of driving, a pesky 24 hour gastro bug and a little furry visitor who ran amok through the house at 5am. This creature is a little cat who lets itself in by crawling under the backgate. It's visited before but this time was much more dramatic with two cats racing about the big front room. When I got up and turned the lights on I found it sitting on the little run of stairs leading from the landing to the front room. It is the most amazing looking cat, I think it has a bit of Bengal Cat in it, incredible markings and the most beautiful toffee colouring. It rowled at me, we both circled the table and then it scooted off downstairs and under the gate and away. Jethro by this stage was hiding under the couch. I don't blame him, our visitor regularly has crazed cat fight out in the back lane.
Tonight is going to involve a big long sleep, an Easter renewal, and tomorrow is lunch with Birdie and Fox.
The shop is open on Saturday but we are going to be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I need some sleep time, lolling time and definitely some cleaning time- Easter is good like that, it is so much lazier and less fraught than any other holiday. I'm looking forward to it.

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