Tuesday, 5 April 2011

sofa sitting

I had forgotten how nice it is to have a couch with room to sit on.
I dumped all the piles of crap that was piled on it somewhere else and washed the quilt and cover and spent Sunday night sitting in the middle of the seat (rather than jammed up on one corner) luxuriating in the illusion of space. It was rather nice last night, too, when I sat crocheting the edges around a couple of afghan scarves and enjoying the evening being dark and a little cool.
And yes I sometimes wear glasses. My eyesight at the moment for doing close up stuff is atrocious and I really need to get a new prescription. After a few weeks of the new glasses I know my eyes won't be quite so bad as they are at the moment. I have to admit I am tempted to go to Big W and buy an el cheapo pair there.... but I know I will probably end up at I Spex and spend a small fortune on a 'groovy' pair (I have my heart set on a hot pink style by Cutler and Gross I saw in Lula magazine..... I am so far from being an 'I-want-that' magazine reader but once in a blue moon something will take my fancy...).
Anyway I am off to the dentist now...... groan.

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  1. Oh man I have the dentist on Thursday you just reminded me....aaarghh run for the hills......


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