Friday, 29 April 2011

pomp and couch-potato

Went to bed with a headache, woke up with a headache.
Probably from all that work I (barely) did yesterday.
As you may possibly have noticed there is an event on today. Then tomorrow there will be the whole dress dissection (I'm betting the dress will be fairly fitted and slinky). I'm wondering how long it will take for the poor-man's copies to start flowing down, how many churches will refuse to allow trees as decoration (although I rather like the idea and that they are being planted out after). And really I don't give a toss about The Chaser being canned as for the most part they are pretty unfunny, Roy and HG would probably do a much better job and I'm wondering who at the ABC didn't read the fine print. They could have got around it by broadcasting on radio and getting people to switch their TVs on to watch, a simulcast just like RRR used to do for the Grand Final. See, public broadcasters think out side the idiot box.
Anyway, I may hate weddings but I do love a bit of pomp and circumstance and I will definitely be turning the sound way down. See you on the couch tonight.


  1. I agree with you re The Chaser. Totally.

  2. Can't you watch on the good old BBC on the internet?
    What the billy is a chaser?
    Wish you could come to our garden party it is laden with doilies and jacks!

    Sarah xXx

    Ps What's the betting after two weeks of glorious wall to wall sunshine it will pee with rain - you know the stuff, full of Jethros and Boodles!


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