Saturday, 23 April 2011

chicks and cups and chocolate

It's funny how everyone this Easter is all smiley and relaxed, it would appear to definitely be a time of renewal.
Much fun was had at the BirdFox Good Friday lunch yesterday with everyone wearing rabbit ears (I forgot I had them on and scared myself silly in the bathroom mirror) and six squealing adults doing an Easter Egg Hunt in the lounge room. I now have so much chocolate I think I might make myself sick- and if you are thinking 'well just don't eat it' I must remind you that it is Easter and copious consumption of chocolate is all part of the festivities!
I've been out and got the papers and the vacuum is sitting in the middle of the shop floor..... it is of course Saturday once again. We have some of the oh-so-cute knitted chick egg cosies left and the Hookturn Easter/Mother's Day limited edition cups are in stock. We've also unpacked the knitted bees and ladybirds and hedgehogs that we went up country to collect.
The shop is open today 11am until about 5pm-ish (I would think everyone would have wandered off to do lazy things by late afternoon so I might close before our usual time of 6pm) so please drop in for a visit!
I'll be the one behind the counter spinning straw into gold.


  1. Isn't there a great calm /cruisey vibe thie Easter? Loving it!

  2. oh Pen you are sounding so relaxed... that's good .. must have been the magical bunnyears. Happy Easter.

  3. Have a nice break Miss P - you deserve it. And i tell ya I MUST have one of those pink hookturns!

  4. I love the six squealing growed ups having a little egg hunt. You're never to old to act like a child I think.
    Thank you for your sweet comments lately. They make me smile.
    I hope you're having a cozy long weekend.


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