Monday, 8 October 2012

toast accident, very sticky

I managed to have a toast accident this morning and now have a large pile of paperwork sticky with cumquat marmalade. I am lucky it didn't all end up on the keyboard I suppose.
I didn't get in much of a weekend (Sunday) as I spent a fair chunk of the afternoon up at the studio getting some work sorted as I am in the shop filling in today and tomorrow, normal service will be resumed as of next week. I needed to get some tea towel cushions sorted and make a big batch of bunting, sometimes being in the studio on a holiday or a weekend day makes you focus a bit harder and get the work done so you can get out of there quick-sticks, no fluffing about looking for distractions. I made up the tea towel cushions I needed and a few more whilst I was at it, they have gone on the pile in the shop.

Vintage Melbourne tea towels tend to be a bit rare (they all leave the state) but I've scored a couple and you better be quick, they always go fast. Look at that arts centre spire! Wish they had covered it in copper like they intended, think of that wonderful verdigris! If I get bored today I might post some photos of cushions here.
Damn, it's 10.30 already. By the way I've decided we should drop daylight savings, 6 months of it is just ridiculous. I think I would rather put black-out curtains on my windows to cut the morning glare than have that extra hour at the end of the day. Summers are so freakin' hot that by the evening I am longing for a bit of dark to cut the glare. Anyway you know I'm biased and like Autumn/Winter/Spring best of all.
You'll find me in the shop if you are looking for me.

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