Saturday, 27 October 2012

beaker beaker

I've just 15 minutes trying to photograph our new anodised milkshake beakers to discover yesterday's 'happy snap' is the nicest photo taken... and here it is. Oh my! How I love these little beauties, they are all shiny and sparkly new but I think they will be even better when they get scratched and beaten. I want to use them on a hot hot day with condensation dulling the outside. Three colours, a bright electric blue, a silver-y green the colour of a those triangular chocolates in the Quality Street selection and a fabulous rose red (you better be quick on the red as we only have a couple of these left but there is more on order).
Having complained about the issues we've been having with getting special stock for the shop these milkshakers appeared to take the place of some of the enamelware we were attempting to import and then I got an email yesterday from the people I have been waiting on to confirm an order I placed over a month again- the joys of dealing with people in countries that don't have reliable telecommunications networks. Of course the order has gone missing but we are trying all over again and fingers crossed we will get the stock we have been dreaming about for the last 4 months.
I worked quite hard this week and was knackered by the end of yesterday. I was limping around in the afternoon as my lower back had completely gone out and sent shooting pains through my hips. A few more years and I will be a decrepit old wreck. I brought back two huge bags of cushions from the studio, lovely vintage linen florals and some stunning blue-y green Welshies and of course a few tea towels cushions to top it all off. Mountains of the damn things. Friday is always cushioning day.
I'm absolutely longing for a lie in tomorrow, I seem to have accidentally wracked up a few late nights this week. I stupidly plugged my phone into the computer, it attempted an upgrade and then crashed into repair mode and I had to sit there until 1am while it restored settings and reloaded. Technological fail. And  Instagram is chewing through my credit and I must keep away from it, Shock of the New app, I seemed to have splurged on it way too much yesterday.
Last night I made clocks. Finally. It has been in the procrastination basket but as a few were sold yesterday I thought I needed to fill the holes on the wall. I might even put out the new oven mitts today too. I better get off the computer then and go tart up a few displays.

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  1. Hey Busy Bee - the shop sounds so amazing at the moment, full of all my favourite treasure.... teleporting over navigation is a bit off, find me in the window with Jethro...
    Sarah -x-


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