Saturday, 20 October 2012


A slight attack of the sillies this morning, a bit of laughter down at Fat Man and a bit of tickling with Jethro- perhaps it's all because I'm not marketeering this weekend, high on the sense of freedom! I popped up to FindersKeepers last night (all be myself as no one I know wanted to go), it was pretty cruise-y whilst I was there (did it get crazy like the last one?) and I got to chat with some of my favourite Melbourne and ex-Melbourne makers (not all listed here!). It really was rather nice being carefree and chatty but I really wish the Taco Truck had been there....
So shopgirl duty today and I am looking forward to it being Saturday this week. It's been a weirdly fraught type of week, no great spanner in the works but the haze of splitting headaches and feeling lacklustre. I love that word, 'lacklustre', 'lacking lustre', really sums up how things are sometimes, dull.
I worked in the studio yesterday doing a pile of procrastination jobs, little re-stocking jobs that one just leaves and leaves until they haven't been done in ages. Would you believe I have just realised I left all the pegbags I made in the studio?? Damn and blast! What an idiot! Arrrgggh! Bugger! I did remember to bring some new Welsh blanket cushions back with me though, a crazy Brynkir Navaho pattern in blue, yellow and hot pink that makes my heart sing and a fabulous riotous khaki and orange one that is amazing.
OK, time to do the Saturday morning chores. Please drop in if you are heading into/out of FindersKeepers, the Cottage is just down the road!


  1. Have a lovely market free day Pen!I just don't have the energy to face the hordes - like you -
    and I would only be a customer and not trapped there all day. Instead I'm going to mooch around the church op-shop and make an orange cake xx

  2. Suffering from CRAFT syndrome here too! Been looking for my glasses for hours....yep, on my head...
    Sarah -x-


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