Monday, 22 October 2012

beat it

I've had a slight mental health day today. I realised in the middle of a dream on Saturday night that I had got the RMIT dates wrong and that it wasn't until next Monday that I had to be there to participate on the assessment panel. As I had written today off due to that, it seemed like a good idea to use the day catching up on a few things (OK not a total mental health day but getting some emails ticked off is always good).
I've sent in some orders for stock that should have been done a month ago, of course now I will need to find the money to pay for them. It's been a long and painful month chasing my tail over money and 'robbing Peter to pay Paul', October is awful like that and piking out of doing markets probably hasn't helped. Let me tell you all you craft types out there who fantasise over having a little shop of their own... it ain't all ginger beer and skittles, it can be a right pain in the kazoo at times.
I've spent the last few months hunting down special stock I really wanted for the shop and sadly it's looking like half of the products we were the most excited about won't be in store any time soon. It's often quite hard getting overseas suppliers interested in selling to a little store half a world away. I have dreams of winning lotto and spending the rest of my days wandering the globe hunting stock down and sending it back to a beautiful little warehouse which we would then open for huge sales every season. Dream on sucker. I also have dreams of getting the mess that is my tax muddle sorted.
I treated myself today, you've gotta eat cake sometimes and it may as well be the best in town.  A jaunt over to Beatrix, Nat's cakes always make me feel good. They are like the most perfect Melbourne Autumn or Spring day served in a slice. Let's just say the 'Trez Leche' taken in small forkfuls is making the afternoon go down a bit smoother.

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  1. Stock overseas huntering is my speciality as is kicking suppliers up their Kazoos! Let me know if I may be of service.

    Sarah -x-

    ps LOVELY teeth Jethro...raaarrrgh -x-


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