Wednesday, 17 October 2012

pretty polly

I think I may fall into bed tonight. It's been a long and slightly 'off' day today.
On the up side I went out and collected the main flock of our Xmas birds and have spent a fair whack of this evening pricing them, Dell got the ball rolling before she left and I've left 3 boxes to be tagged but they are almost done. I've put some out already although I did um-and-ah as to whether it was too early. I've kept back some that are a bit glitter-y and festive.... and the little glass owls are still in their boxes.... and there are more things to come.
This big parrot is a stunner and we have only 6 of them. I've popped one in the window on the branch and I am hoping he gives a few people a fright if they see him out of the corner of their eye. Jethro has attempted to break into the box of parrots, amusing to watch but they are all out of paws way now.
I signed on for Instagram this evening. Once again I am blaming peer-pressure so you better follow me (@penedurston) so I can justify the time I am sure to waste there. Sigh. And we hit 400 likes on our Cottage fb page today, which I am quite chuffed about although I know it is measly compared with some/all other pages but I am not taking it personally and am hoping that I won't feel like the unpopular girl at school which is how I view a lot of these things, a strange popularity contest......
Anyway I'm rambling as I think my brain has gone to sleep and not told the rest of me.
Night all.

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