Tuesday, 16 October 2012

string theory

Tuesday again.
I'm having trouble kickstarting myself this morning. Chugga,chug, chug, chugga...... yawn.
I would really just like to hide away for a day I think. And oh my it's quarter to 10 already.
I suppose I could pike off for the day sort of and do some running about and email writing that didn't happen yesterday. I was on-call as our new shopgirl was learning the ropes. I had to go through everything with her and it was quite a brain drain for both of us, dredging up all that information that is just ingrained  now.
Late yesterday I had another weird interaction with this guy trying to sell us advertising space in a street guide/map. Every time he comes in and I explain it isn't something we do he gets argumentative and my hackles rise, I don't think he realises that he just makes me dig my heals in because of his attitude. I wonder sometimes if I just don't fit what is expected of a retailer, I don't like playing the 'game' and perhaps it is to my detriment- but I just don't want to do it that way!
More Xmas bits arriving (see I still play along with the 'retail festivus', I haven't turned my back on that yet) with little wooden spools of butcher's twine. They could be stocking stuffers or decoration in themselves tied to a present or hanging from the tree like stripey stringy 'candy canes' of twine.
Anyway I'm still not decided on what to do today. I could just go to the studio........

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