Tuesday, 30 October 2012

chores, chirping and crossed wires

I'm being slow this morning. I'm like this on Monday mornings usually but I didn't get a chance yesterday as I was doing my 'community service' and helping out as guest assessor at RMIT which was fun. So this morning Jethro and I awoke without the alarm (I am so much more relaxed and less grumpy coming to this way), showered and then went back to bed with a mug of tea, Jethro is napping on top of the chest of drawers as I type.
I am trying to decide what I should do today. Studio? Soap making? Perhaps most important of all I should check the list of things that need to be done in the next few weeks and make a list of dates. There is a reason for this, in the two weeks I have managed to stuff up/almost stuff up a couple of  appointments. I thought I was meant to be at RMIT on the 22nd and only realised in a dream (!) that it was the 29th I was booked in for and I turned up for a bbq at the friend's place last Sunday afternoon when in fact it is on next Sunday (I even had cake too as requested). To salve my wounded pride I apparently wasn't the only one that turned up on Sunday. On top of all this stupidity I slept really badly on Sunday night and woke shaky and 'lopsided'. Do you think I might need some downtime? I have never (repeatedly) done forgetful things like this before.
Our budgies have finally arrived. I think they would have flown themselves quicker than Australia Post managed to deliver them. The big chap in the background is an Indian Ring-necked  Parakeet, check that red beak out, I find it quite amusing that we go from one extreme to the other- cute fake birds to taxidermy real birds! I'm sure Dell will have fun today placing them in cute kissing bird tableaux.
I think this morning's main chore will be to get the washing on, it's going to be hot today and it will be perfect weather for getting the sheets dry. The housework still needs to fit in somewhere.

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