Sunday, 14 October 2012


You'll probably roll your eyes and think me a complete twit but I had a bit of a revelation today.
It started yesterday when I realised that FindersKeepers happens next weekend, I'd completely blanked it out from my mind, I knew it was this month but had just forgotten when. Then today I spent the whole day cleaning the kitchen, doing the washing and pottering about. I hate cleaning beyond anything but I had a lovely day and really quite enjoyed myself, I had to stop and have a think about this strange phenomena.
So you see I had a revelation.
If I had committed myself to the next three markets coming up I would have been stressed and furiously working to produce market-style stock. Instead over the last few weeks I have been making new clothes, stitching up beautiful cushions, staring in wonder at our beautiful new scarves- and doing something as mundane as cleaning my kitchen. Happily cleaning my kitchen.
So today I learnt that whilst I may have forfeited some money making possibilities I gained something much more important, a quiet sense of pleasure in pottering about my house. The kitchen isn't totally cleaned, under the fridge and washing machine are still to be tackled another day, the cupboards under the bench need to be cleared out, washed and repacked and lets say at head height there are still many surfaces that need a good dusting but there is an amazing expanse of floor now cleared of bags of gloves and there is bench space free for some work to be done.
As you can tell I am quite pleased with myself.
And a nice way to cap the day- Jack Irish on the couch.

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