Friday, 12 October 2012

if it doesn't move label it

I bought a Dymo to label a mountain of tins holding little components.
There appears to be other things that are more fun to label.
I loved it as a kid when Dad brought the Dymo home from work. In those days it was the height of technology. Fancy. Now graphic designers fake it in Illustrator. So it goes.
I told a young waitress off (nicely) for calling me 'ma'am' yesterday. It is an affectation that drives me insane, perhaps it is the egalitarian Aussie that is coming out in me, but I wasn't in an establishment that should have felt the need to go formal on me. I think it is American service mentality, she said it was English, I begged to differ in this case, I think she's been watching too much 'Downton Abbey' and thought she was being polite. I'm inclined to believe she started her career with McDonalds training.
You see it's all about labels.

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  1. Ooh I must ask S if they use "ma'am" for customers! I got told off once by a female patron at Brunswick Library when I worked there because I asked a junior staff member to help her and said - can you show this LADY where the fiction collection is, apparently she was a WOMAN not a LADY. Lol. Am very jealous of your Dymo: have always wanted one.


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