Wednesday, 3 October 2012

sea seersucker

I picked up the shelf framework this morning, slapped it together in 20 minutes but now have to wait on the wooden shelves. I also finally managed to get the storage room light working with a change of tube and a new flasher unit, I can see all of its corners now! When the shelf-y bits arrive I will scour the studio for every roll of fabric and file them all away. I am looking forward to it! I'm hoping the boys deliver the wood tomorrow so I can do a bit of sorting before I become shopgirl for two days.
We've found a replacement for Anna so instead of Yem filling in, I am. It's been quiet with the school holidays, up and down weather and Xmas looming- I hate this time of the year. The weather maybe beautiful in Melbourne (such a Spring and Autumn city) but it is always the time when money-in and money-out never really balances. It is stressful and annoying.
Whilst I am itching to have the shelves up and sorting started I have also been flitting from one job to another. There are pot holders and mitts on the go, cushions that need to be made, Summery clothing worked on and new things started. Flit flit flit. I've been stitching up some tops in some lovely indigo and green cotton seersucker, the fabric is like the sea and much more blue than it appears in the photo. It makes me happy. I've decided that I need to farm the design work out for one of our new projects, I know I am not up to it and really could spend my time better elsewhere. When it comes back in I will be the one doing the grunt work done to get it finish it so I may as well learn to delegate.
We've got a few new things in the pipeline which I'll let you know about if they come to fruition, funnily enough it's all popped up in the last few days. Fingers crossed. Also I can't remember whether I let you know that we aren't doing any more markets this year, so no FindersKeepers or Markit. Whilst they are always good for a cash injection the truth is I find doing markets stressful and rather unpleasant. It's a bit hard to explain really but I think it is that full on expense of energy for such a short time, I'm really not a sprinter, and, as Dell pointed out, they get in the way for working on new things. And really it seems a bit silly when two of the big markets are happen 100mt up the road from the shop. I have been feeling like I haven't been invited to a party that everyone else is going to (if you know what I mean) but I'm getting my head around making a decision that I know feels right.
Well I'm off to read my book, on my ipad which is something that I am in two minds about. I love books in all their paper-y goodness but when you have scoured the bookshops and can't find a copy of a book you really want to read then being able to download at midnight is really a marvel.


  1. I know what you mean...One of the reasons I stopped doing Camberwell market was the stress of loading the van/unpacking the van at market/ loading the van/ unpacking the van into garage ..not to mention some people's incredibly bad manners..much rather sellmy stuff out of the garage once a month..may not be as many punters or as much cash but so much better energy wise...and less overheads.Love that green/blue seersucker.

  2. I love seersucker. It reminds me of my childhood when my nana would make all our summer nighties and pyjamas from it.
    S and I will be coming to see you and all the Cottage pretties tomorrow x


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