Tuesday, 2 October 2012

stock piled

The studio is a real mess. A hoarder's delight. A creative's nightmare.
I can't wait until the fabric roll shelves arrive. There will be much moving about of stuff and the unpacking of the storeroom, it will be nice to pile all the rolls of fabric up and decide what will stay and what will go. Perhaps I will find material I would like to make things from.
I have discovered I have stockpiled more blankets than I thought, although I think that many of them appeared after the last quilt making. They will need to be folded and packed in bags and lugged to the top of the new shelves. After I'd graded a couple of patterns today I think the discovery of all those blankets made me look anew at the off-cuts of the blanket quilts. I got out the oven mitt and pot holder patterns and started chopping, so now we have a new product happening. We are all for mega recycling, recycling the recycled, around here.
I'm really am quite pathetic getting excited by a shelving unit!


  1. Oh you are funny! Haha.. Will you be at Markit Pen? x Dawn


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