Thursday, 18 October 2012

mountains to scale

My mountain of Welsh blankets makes me happy. Well they would if I didn't feel so frustrated and headache-y and annoyed as I do at the moment. I seem to have misplaced a rather important and special stash of tea towels and no matter how much sifting and shifting and sorting I do in the studio I just can't seem to find them. I feel like I am going a bit crazed and that perhaps I have used them all up and don't remember (I haven't on either counts I am sure). Perhaps I am in some strange loop cycle (see the zip buying incident) and my brain has turned to mush and I haven't quite noticed, a nasty case of CRAFT* syndrome.
I didn't make it to the openings at Craft this evening nor Dell's exhibition 'closing' as I had another splitter of a headache. I did send along a box of Yum Yum Balls to Life in Space however- if you are a child of the 70s did you ever make Yum Yums? Marie biscuits, cocoa powder, dessicated coconut and condensed milk. Ah, the memories, perhaps I do have dementia, regressing obviously.
What a right off of a week this one has been and it isn't quite over yet. I got some tea towel cushions done today but even that was a struggle. I have plans for tomorrow, an attack on some work as I will not have a studio day on Monday as I am off to participate in a bit of end of the year assessment at RMIT.
Wish me luck for tomorrow!

*Can't Remember A Fucking Thing

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