Thursday, 25 October 2012

linen and lemon

This is Jethro's morning spot at the moment. He likes to sit in the window as I leave for the studio, looking handsome and playing to the crowds. I'd love to record his interactions with the outside creatures, once in a while we catch him snubbing someone with a feline haughty expression.
The purse framer did its job and we have a stack of brand new vintage linen granny purses in the shop. There will be new plasticised grannies perfect for makeup soon too and hopefully I'll find some lovely leathers to do more of the leather purses soon. I've been working The Beast (binding machine) hard this week, an order of a  hundred metres of tea towel bunting, oven mitts, doing the trims on the purses and today another batch of bunting. This bunting is special, it's made from raw linen souvenir tablecloths and is bound in bright lemon yellow herringbone tape. It's my concession to the neutral/fluoro bright fashion of the moment. We are finding the whole fluoro thing a bit of a giggle as we have been selling Cambridge Satchels for over a year in these colours and Miss Dell is famous for her knitting of builders's twine which she has been doing for yonks. I think I have pretty much cut up my whole stash of raw linen cloths now so this bunting is going to be a one-off.
I seem to be making a dint in the studio mess simply by using stuff up. The big double trestle table (four trestles, two doors) in the middle of the studio has been an elephant's graveyard of 'stuff' for the last year.
Yesterday I suddenly noticed that the pile on the top had lowered by about 2 and 1/2 feet and there are faint signs that the table top is showing through. I am amazed. I still can't find the stash of VITT (very important tea towels) that I discovered was missing last week. Fingers crossed they suddenly reappear.
Anyway I'm off to de-mould  some soap before bed. Wish me luck.

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  1. MY bunting hangs up 365 days of the year on the back verandah and EVERYONE who come to this house comments on how cheerful it is, a little frame for the trees beyond. Is this a commercial job Pen? is it going to hang up in some hipster beachy cafe?


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