Saturday, 6 October 2012

hankie pankie

What a social day I had in the shop yesterday! People dropping in, tea cake and gourmet popcorn being delivered, phone rung off the hook, parcels arriving in a flurry in the afternoon and I even got some work done. I am definitely out of weekday shopgirl training though, that last hour feels so weird as I am used to closing at 5pm on a Saturday or breezing in from the studio for the last hour of the day.
New stock is slowly creeping into the shop. The seersucker tops are in and I've been playing with some handkerchief checks that will be turned into drop waisted sundresses and tops. I think they might have to be named after this lovely lady, not because we think she might wear them but for the handkerchief bit. I do love a hankie check, it makes me think of stealing a snot rag from the pile in Dad's drawer. Well washed and well used they were soft and lovely and pressed smooth- of course useless when wet and rugged your nose raw. I have to say I do love an aloe vera tissue, the best invention (however aloe vera infused underpants I do not get).
I finally got to string the new trade bead necklaces. I carted these to Tasmania to do, I think I pulled them out once rolled my eyes and shoved them back in my bag. They were a nice thing to do whilst being shopgirl. They have hand-twisted silk cord ties that have been hand-dyed in bright yellow, orange and blue and I will make more with new coloured cords soon. The beads are really beautiful Venetian glass, different sizes and shapes and some with tiny lines of colour running through them. They remind me of the Bo Peep dolly mix lollies from Darrell Lea, how I wished I'd scored some of those before they closed.

Oh my! Is that the time? I better get a move on. I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning and it is looking like I will have to go to the studio tomorrow (on a SUNDAY) to get a few things finished. Hopefully a bit of a sleep in though before I have to do some work.

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  1. Oh Pen I can't breathe! Drop waisted sundress in hanky check? I won't be able to go through summer without one.
    And catching up on all your other news, the scarves are gorgeous and totally hear you on the market front. You summed up why I'm not doing them but also how I feel about not doing them when you said the bit about the party.
    I recently said the exact same thing to a pal but she made me laugh by saying (and reminding me) a party that makes you anxious, tired and overwhelmed. Some party!
    And finally (sorry. this is turning into an email) TDFOH. Awesome! See you there xx


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