Wednesday, 31 October 2012

a cat in the doghouse

I'm moving slow today. No reason, just am. I didn't set the alarm again but Jethro apparently didn't think I should be lolling about and sat watching me, mewing in disapproval every few minutes. He knows he's in the doghouse at the moment, we discovered yesterday he had put a few claw marks in one of the silk scarves in the window. I blame myself for being a bad cat mother and not disciplining him enough, indulgent. We are waiting on our scarf order to arrive in the next few weeks and we still have a few left in the cupboard in pristine condition so don't think we would sell you damaged stock.
I posted on Facebook yesterday that we have the last of the Douglas Sandals in store and have had many phone calls and people racing in to pick up a pair. If you are interested give the shop a call or drop in quick sticks and we can let you know what is still available. We don't have all colours or sizes but once they have gone that is it as Douglas Sandals has shut and at this stage we can't get any more. Another family business shutting.
Dell and I had cold drinks served in the new anodised milkshake cups yesterday. Those beakers do get icy cold! We didn't have milkshakes (orange juice and ginger beer instead) but we did have straws, perfect for a really hot Spring day. You know how I feel about hot weather and it was funny to have customers in who said that whilst they were hanging out for Summer felt a bit shocked by a 30+ day this early in the season-
34 predicted for today which might explain why I am procrastinating going to the studio!
I better make a move.
Don't forget we've got embroidered Mexican Frida dresses to go with those sandals!

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