Saturday, 13 October 2012

floral delights

I am such a textile nerd I have a favourite Sanderson linen print design. Yep, nerd. It's called 'Boveney', it's the blue one in the photo and we've had it in green and, I think, mauve from memory. I do love the dark colour background linens and the ones printed on raw linen so their colours are dirtied up a bit.
I'm waffling lyrical about furnishing linens this morning as I managed to get some cushions made up yesterday before I ran out of zips and inserts.
I discovered whilst hunting for zips that in the last two weeks I have managed to go to my haberdashery wholesaler twice and double buy zips that I needed. I must remember to wipe the shopping list from the 'note' section of my phone once I've bought the damn things next time, remind me to double then triple check my zip stocks. So of course I have heaps of some sizes and ran out of the ones I needed.....
We pulled all the cushions off the lower level of the bunk and repacked them all when I got back from the studio yesterday afternoon. These beauties are out in the shop now. We've only got a limited amount of the red print and there are only two red 'Garden Glories' /blue 'Boveney' combo ones, they are beautiful and very special and don't complain to me if you miss out on one/both.
What else has happened this week? Not a lot I feel and things I can't speak of yet have got the green light which is super exciting and I will continue to tease you about that. Soon my pretties soon. This time of the year is dreadful for juggling incoming and outgoing and I am dreading every bill and fidgeting over when stock will be arriving, it's dementing. We had sold out of our Heico cockatoo lights but they are back in stock once again, the shop always seems bare when they are missing. Hopefully our budgies (stuffed) will arrive next week.
So much to do.
OK time to set the shop to rights and hunt down all the gloves Jethro has 'caught' overnight and left scattered through the house. Don't think I'll be spinning yarn today (sometimes I feel like a freak the way customers stare at me as I do it), I might thread trade bead necklaces instead as they have been very popular.
You know where to find me, it is Saturday after all.

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  1. Still got the reds left? The Lane is screaming for them, aaarghhhhhh.....


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