Thursday, 11 October 2012

sweep and stack

Yesterday was the first non-shopgirl day since last Friday and I managed to get a bit of dashing about done in the morning and then finally stumbled into the studio. I was dead tired but rallied a little to start putting rolls of fabric on the new shelves. I thought for a while that it was making no difference, that in fact the mess was so great nothing would save me from being lost in a hoarder's mess from Hell. Suddenly like a break in the clouds an empty spot appeared. I swept and vacuumed it. Dragged the wire shelving unit over and stacked a new stash of vintage furnishing linens on it and admired their prettiness. Then I went home.
I am having trouble getting out of bed, I am blaming it on this Daylight Savings malarkey- or it could of course just be my sloth. I am deeply lazy by nature, look at my hatred of cleaning as evidence, and would rather lie about reading and snoozing and drinking cups of tea (although then you have to get up and wee.....).
I'm up and dressed now so I suppose I should head off to the studio and get a few things done. I think I need to tackle the cleaning in slow measure segments. A little bit here, a little bit there. I certainly have no room to unpack the storeroom as yet, in fact the mess over in that area has got worse as I had to throw stuff around in order to set up the new shelves. There are a few bags of op shop crap that need to be sent off and when the studio building lift is finally repaired I will get Graham the Garbo in to cart away the build up of tapestry frames and glass. Lordy you must be bored with my cleaning dilemmas and wondering why I can't keep it all under control in the first place.
The final word on this subject today is you should see all the freakin' fabric I have and yes, before you ask,  I unearthed stuff I had forgotten I had.

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