Wednesday, 24 October 2012

crouching jig, hidden brain

'Hump day' is another name for Wednesday I've heard, for people who are excited that we are sliding into the weekend. For someone like me it's more 'damn what have I not achieved so far day'.
What have I managed to work on so far this week? Well apart from a slight sense of 5am panic I've been working on oven mitts for TDF Open House, felt ones and new quilted blanket ones made from our blanket quilt offcuts. I also spent some of yesterday prepping for a huge purse making session and had one of those moments at the sewing machine where I suddenly realised something. I suddenly realised that the old purse framing jig that I scored when Bambi Handbags closed down might actually work with the new frames we now use. In the past I could never get it work with the old curved profile frames and it had turned into a bit of an 'industrial antique' display piece in the studio, crouching in the corners like a weird insect. Looks like one of the dies fits perfectly! The motto is 'never throw anything away... one day your brain will catch up with your equipment'.
So that's my bit of excitement, fingers crossed it all works. Now I am just hoping incoming money will catch up with the bills and that I start to feel more optimistic. I'm off to see if I can get a soap stamp made this morning, I'll let you know how I go.

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  1. Pen could you take a photo of the insect contraption - I'm fascinated!


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