Thursday, 9 September 2010

returning to the scene of the crime

You might remember that on last year's Tasmania trip I doilied a tree in Hobart.
Part of going back again this year was to check whether it was still there.
The morning after we got into Hobart we all went for a stroll to the park at Battery Point. I have to admit I didn't think that the doilies would be still on the tree and was so very excited as we came down the path to find it exactly as I had left it a year ago. Strangely the weather was just the same too!
When I doilied last year I had noticed the tree was near a sort of signal box thing  but I didn't realise that it was actually the Hobart City Council gardeners tea making cubby! So I got to admit to a gardener, sitting in the sun and sipping his morning tea, that I was the culprit.

I'd been really wanting to doily in the wilds of Tasmania but having researched about wilderness areas and how the effects of even simple a footprint can take 40 years to repair I decided that sticking to man created environments is actually a better way to.

On my last day in Hobart this time I decided to doily another magnolia in the same garden. 

And it was an amazing experience. Last time I kind of slunk around and found a slightly hidden spot (not totally hidden but not very obvious). This time I chose a magnolia just inside the gate and at the corner of two paths. I got to chat with the HCC gardeners as they came passed and they were happy and supportive and interested and excited to find out who had done the original tree. One gardener told me they constantly field questions about it. A crocodile of creche children came by and the last little girl turned to the boy holding her hand and said 'it's so pretty, I love it'.

Anonymous secretive yarnbombing is fun but I have to admit the feedback and appreciation from complete strangers is fabulous, and I am constantly surprised how gardeners and arborists seem to really relate to the doilying. Thank you HCC workers- you made my day!


  1. That is ace! The yarnbomber returns to the scene of the crime and is lauded. Love it.

  2. It looks gorgeous - I must try to seek it out :)

  3. Nothing doilies quite like a magnolia...

  4. A crocodile of creche children!
    That seems the perfect collective noun, did you make it up?


  5. You've inspired & motivated me to give it a go - on a tree at home first.

  6. dolies and magnolis...
    that reminds me so much of my childhood!

  7. my six-year-old loves the one outside your shop. she spent many minutes posing with it the last time we were there, and made me take many, many photos. this doilied magnolia is lovely. :)


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