Sunday, 12 September 2010


I've finally got around to doing the Spring window.
I don't know why I am finding window displays so difficult. Well actually I do know why, it's the big cage trolley thingy, it confines the window space. I need to get to and do a big shop rearrange sometime in the near future. 
And I need to make new stock. The weather is still threatening cold for a little while longer so please come in and buy some woolies so I won't have to pack them away when the weather actually slips into real Melbourne Spring.

I had a sleep-in this morning. Deeply needed. Up early and then back to bed with tea and toast and book and dropping into a nap. Perfect. Jethro napped happily on the top of the chest of drawers in his usual spot. It's lovely when the whole house seems to snooze.

And this afternoon was the window display. Those goddamn pompoms took forever to make. Wish I was happy with them! But how beautiful are the new dresses?! 

I've tried over the last two years to find a supplier of really good Mexican and Guatemalan embroidered work and hadn't found any I liked. Then out of the blue a couple of weeks ago Zara came into the shop. I happened to be in and Dell and I got talking to her and chatting I discovered she collects these beauties on her trips to Central America. She takes the buses out to the villages and meets up with the women who make these garments. I'm in love with the fully handstitched smocked and embroidered dresses and blouses (that's the magenta one the pictures). 
Love love love.
There are more on their way but be quick- they are all unique!

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